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 Dear St. Luke Parishioners: 

St. Luke Parish Council is pleased to again offer the FR. FRANCIS WALSH SCHOLARSHIP Essay Contest. The scholarship contest is open to all 8th grade and 12th grade parishioners of St. Luke who plan on attending a Catholic high school or college/university. We will be awarding three scholarships in the amounts of $1000.00, $750.00, and $500.00 for the high school category and one scholarship in the amount of $1000.00 for the college/university category.   


If you wish to participate in this contest, send in an original essay covering the topic:  “Why I am continuing my Catholic education.”  Within the essay, indicate the name of the Catholic high school, college or university you plan to attend.  The essay should be typed (font: 12pt, Times New Roman), one page, and single-spaced.  Attached to the essay should be a removable cover sheet which includes the essay’s title and name of the student. The standards for evaluating the essays will be: 

·         Presentation (English usage, structure and formatting)

·         Quality of content

·         Originality

·         Creativity 

Entries will be judged by the Parish Council Scholarship Committee.  All entries are to be in an envelope addressed to the Parish Council Scholarship Essay Contest and must be received by Friday, May 6, 2016 at the parish rectory.  This date is firm, late entries will not be considered. The winners of the scholarships will be announced on May 22, 2016 at the 11:30 am Mass. The award checks will be sent directly to their Catholic high school, college or university to be applied towards their 2016-2017 tuition.

Good Luck!

St. Luke Parish Council



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