Confirmation Preparation

Please note that the program kick-off will begin with the Confirmation Retreat for 7th and 8th grade on Saturday, October 14.

Confirmation is a spiritual, sacred and permanent sign or seal that marks the Christian as a witness of Christ through the action of the Holy Spirit.

It is conferred by the bishop or his designated person. In the Diocese of Cleveland students will traditionally begin this period of formation in the 7th grade and continue it through the 8th grade while receiving the sacrament in the 8th grade year. Through this sacrament, the faithful share more fully in the gifts of the Holy Spirit which bring renewed vibrancy to the spiritual life of the person.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are knowledge, understanding, wisdom, fortitude, right judgment, piety and fear of the Lord.

The gift of knowledge helps to instruct us about God and to appreciate God’s work in the world; the gift of understanding helps one penetrate into the truths of faith; the gift of wisdom helps one make judgments that will help to attain the goal of holiness; the gift of courage or fortitude helps each person boldly to proclaim the gospel; the gift of right judgment or counsel helps the confirmand make right decisions; the gift of reverence or piety inspires gratitude to God for all that was given; and the gift of wonder and awe or fear of the Lord inspires appreciation for the presence of the Lord. The gifts enhance the spiritual life of the confirmand and prepare him or her to be a witness to the world.

To be a “witness” means to behave and speak like Christ.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit the Christian now attends to both the physical and spiritual needs of others. Just as all who are confirmed, so too, the person with mental limitations is called to be a witness to the Lord. People with intellectual/developmental disabilities can be invited to fully give of their own unique virtues. These may be demonstrated through specific acts such as caring for elderly or disabled people in a very loving way. Or, this virtue may be shown in their special style of presence and prayer. The person with intellectual/developmental disabilities is often capable of giving a special uninhibited welcome to the stranger. Or, their gift may be that of prayer offered in a simple, heartfelt manner. People with disabilities are most often seen as objects of service rather than as people who have their own gifts to share. It is through the sacrament of confirmation that the Holy Spirit is let loose in the hearts of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Through this giver of holiness they witness both within the church and to secular society.

General Program Outline

  1. Semesterly Small Group Meetings – Confirmation Candidates will come together and participate in one small group meeting per semester. These meetings will focus on the sacrament of Confirmation, as well as meaningful spiritual discussions.
  2. At Home Spiritual Reflection – At the beginning of the semester, Candidates will receive an series of assignments to complete. One part of this is to read and engage with writings of the saints and to write a short reflection. The Candidate will also be asked to have a meaningful faith discussion with a member of their family and/or sponsor. Lastly, Candidates will be asked to research a patron saint, and choose a sponsor.
  3. Confirmation Retreat – Each year Candidates will participate in an engaging Confirmation retreat.
  4. Service Component – Candidates are asked to complete 24 hours of service over the course of the two year program. We encourage Candidates to find something that the love, or are interested in, and pursue some sort of service around that.


  • Two Children – $95 (ONLY $75 THROUGH THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS)
  • Three or more Children – $110 (ONLY $90 THROUGH THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS)


Payment methods: 

  • Cash – If paying with cash please put payment in an envelope indicating the students name and program.
  • Check – Please make checks payable to St. Luke Church and write the student’s name and program in the memo box.

**Payment for Confirmation is to be made during each year of preparation.
***Financial Aid is available to families in need. Please contact the Parish Catechetical Leader, Max Hall, to arrange for this.
**** If your child is in the Parish School of Religion (Public School Students in grades 1-8) then there is a separate additional cost. Please refer to the respective program page for tuition costs.

Class Cancellation Policy

If the Lakewood City School cancels school for the day then PSR classes/Sacramental Preparation classes will also be canceled. Should a storm arrive late, or inclement weather is forthcoming a notification will be sent to families via email, Remind text notification, and parish social media accounts. Please check the parish website for updates as well.

Notes Regarding 2023/2024 Academic Year:

Registration for this program will open August 1st.

If your child participated in the program last year, we ask that you please register them again for the program for their 8th grade year.

Major Dates:  Confirmation Retreat for 7th and 8th Grade (October 14th), Confirmation Mass for 8th Graders (March 2, 2024 – At St. Luke)

Dates & Location

Please stay tuned for upcoming information regarding 2023/2024. 

Contact Information

Max Hall – Parish Catechetical Leader

Mailing Address: St. Luke, 1212 Bunts Rd., Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Phone: 216-521-0184 ext. 230 (Office), 440-941-3125 (Call/Text)

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