The 7 Sacraments of the Catholic Church

The Sacraments are signs of grace in which divine life is given unto us. Learn more about each of the sacraments by clicking each of the links in the menu. Please call our Parish Office if you need assistance in preparation to receive a Sacrament. 216-521-0184

  • BAPTISM:  The First Sacrament of Initiation. Be washed away from original sin and claimed by Christ from sin and death.

  • CONFIRMATION:  The Holy Spirit descents upon you and instills and expands upon the grace received at Baptism.

  • HOLY COMMUNION:  The heart of Catholic faith. It is here that one truly receives Jesus Christ in the sacrament.

  • ANNOINTING OF THE SICK:  Offers spiritual fortification and inward grace even in these most difficult trials.

  • RECONCILIATION:  In confession we have the opportunity to repent and recover the grace of friendship with God.

  • HOLY ORDERS:  Men who are ordained by a bishop by means of this sacrament serve the spiritual needs of others in the Catholic Church.

  • MARRIAGE:  A couple called by God to enter into a marriage characterized by Christian love.