Liturgical Ministry


The Holy Mass is the source and summit of our Catholic faith. It is during the Holy Mass that Christ, Himself, becomes present to us in the Holy Eucharist. At each Mass, as we gather together as the Body of Christ, to worship God. At St. Luke, we have a variety of liturgical ministries where you can more actively participate in the holy liturgy. Below, you will find the ministries which are essential to our worship of God, in service to his Church.

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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Eucharistic Minsters):

Parishioners who are in good standing with the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church are encouraged to participate in this wonderful ministry of distributing the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during the Holy Mass.


A lector proclaims the Word of God at Mass.

Altar Servers:

Altar servers add to the solemnity that already surrounds the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They assist the Priest in important ways in his role as head of the worshiping church. To become an altar server, you must be in at least 4th Grade and have received the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

Adult Altar Servers are also needed for funerals.

Greeters and Ushers:

Greeters/ushers serve at the weekend Masses by welcoming parishioners and visitors as they enter the church.


Counters are needed each week to help count the Sunday collection. Counters meet on Monday mornings to assist in this.

Westerly Drivers:

Within our community there are those individuals who are unable to drive to Holy Mass due to a lack in transportation. The Westerly Drivers assist by visiting the Westerly Apartments, an elder living community in Lakewood, and help transport them to, and from, the parish for Mass on Sunday.

Ministry Schedules and Important Links

If you find you are in need of a replacement, or have unavailability you’d like to submit, please email Max Hall at