Holy Orders

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is received in three steps, each one sacramental. Each step configures the person to Christ in a special way and puts the person in a special relationship with the Church.

  1. The first step is ordination to the diaconate. A deacon serves the diocese in ways designated by the bishop and may be either a single or a married man.
  2. The second step is the Presbyterate. A priest who is ordained for a diocese serves the diocese for which he is ordained. A priest ordained for a religious order, such as a Dominican, Franciscan or Jesuit, serves a larger area according to the particular needs of his religious order.
  3. The third step is ordination to the Episcopacy. A bishop is appointed as a successor to the apostles and serves the church as spiritual leader and father of a particular diocese.

Persons interested in becoming priests, deacons, sisters or brothers should contact the pastor at (216)-521-0184 for assistance in their discernment.

To find out more about entering the seminary or the life of the clergy and seminarians, please visit the Borromeo Seminary webpage here and  the Saint Mary’s Graduate Seminary page here.