Walking with Moms in Need

Pro-life Ministry

We are proud to announce a new ministry at St. Luke!  Walking With Moms in Need is a diocesan-wide initiative aimed at supporting pregnant and parenting moms.  This initiative aims at creating a support network of caring neighbors who are armed with the knowledge of local resources who are enabled to assist with the needs of mothers in our community.

Be on the lookout for a variety of opportunities to get involved.  If you would like more specific details, please reach out to Therese Memmer 216-990-4472  or Sarah Blesi 216-496-9310.

Pregnancy Resources

ProLove MinistriesThe help we offer is based on your needs. We will individualize the support and care we offer you based on the needs that are identified in your intake and assessment. Everything starts with a conversation. Text us today to get started! Phone: 888-550-1588 (call or text)

Pregnancy Centers:

  • Cleveland Pregnancy Center: Services: Baby supplies, Life coaching, Life skills classes for pregnancy and motherhood, Life development, CPR training, Post-abortive support and counseling, and Fatherhood counseling for men. Phone: 216-631-0964 Address: 3924 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44113
  • Veranova Health and Family Medicine: Services: A Clinic with an OB-GYN trained in addiction medicine, nurse practitioners, NaProTechnology, Family Medicine, Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic floor therapy, Pre-natal care, Pregnancy testing, Ultrasound, Fertility Awareness-Based Methods, Specializing in irregular cycle concerns and painful periods Phone: 440-732-2173 Address: 7379 Pearl Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio
  • Womankind: Services:Pre-natal care for the uninsured, Pregnancy testing, Ultrasound, Baby supplies, Professional counseling and support services, Post-abortion counseling, Referrals for parenting classes, Adoption, Legal assistance, Information about Natural Family Planning, Childbirth classes, and Other educational opportunities Phone: 216-662-5700 Address: 5350 Transportation Blvd. Suite 18, Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125
  • Birthright: Services: Counseling for assistance with pre-natal care, job search/career development, housing, and childcare options