The Rotary Club of Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise has built and donated a Pantry Box to St. Luke as part of their Pantry Box mission of serving those in need.

This project is in conjunction with St. Luke’s youth ministry who will be decorating the box and over seeing the process. It is located in front of the Rectory on the Bunts side adjacent to the sidewalk.
This project ties so well with the Homeless Jesus awareness program of those in need. We must support and help those less fortunate than us.  “Whoever has two cloaks should share with the person who has none. And whoever has food should do likewise (Luke 3:11).”
The way it works is “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED AND LEAVE WHAT YOU CAN”.  So please stop by and put non perishable food items in the box such as but not limited to: canned food including fruit, soup, vegetables, heat and serve ravioli/spaghetti; peanut butter/jelly, cereal, oat meat, rice, dry beans, mac-n-cheese, and what ever non perishable food items you may have.  Please only place items in the Pantry Box that are current dated items.
Those in need can take what they need. Pantry Boxes such as this, which are very successful in other Lakewood areas, can assist those having trouble making ends meet.
Please, no perishable items, AND only leave what fits in the box! Sometimes the box will be full.  If the box if full, keep the items in your car and put them in the box when there is room.  Please check back regularly to see if the box is low and in need being refilled.
Peace of Christ,
Fr. Kevin