The stained-glass window restoration and preservation project has begun! We experienced a long delay in getting started due to supply chain issues related to the aluminum used for the framing for the protective glass. Workers have started removing sections of windows that need to go the company for more significant repairs. Other windows will be worked on in place. You will notice some scaffolding in the church in the upcoming weeks. I do not have a firm commitment on how long the project will take. The project is fully funded from sponsorships and other contributions.

New tile floor was installed in the rectory kitchen and the front office.  The tile in the kitchen was likely installed in the 1970s.  It was cracked and breaking up.  For those of you who have been in the kitchen, you know how long overdue this project was.

Our IT company performed some cleanup work around the property.  Wires were all over the place.  Most of the wiring and equipment under the desks in the front office was moved to the basement. Therese is very happy to actually be able to put her feet under her desk.

We are in the midst of electrical repairs in the rectory.  Many of the panels were updated in the past, but we are having issues with power fluctuations. We hope to have this repaired in the near future.

The bathroom in the pastor’s suite was recently remodeled.  A very special thank you to the couple from our parish that designed and completely paid for the remodel.  The old cast iron tub was refinished more than once and was pealing again.  The bathroom now has a walk-in shower which is much safer as your pastor gets older.   The couple so generously paid for not just the walk-in shower but a complete remodel including a new floor, vanity, and toilet.

The slate roofs on all three buildings were tuned up a week or so ago.  Broken tiles were replaced, loose tiles tightened, and flashing that had pulled away during some recent windstorms was reattached.

You may have noticed some paint on the concrete around the rectory and church.  We are hoping to have the concrete replaced in those areas in the upcoming weeks.  Other areas need attention, and we will continue to work on getting those areas done as well.  We are tackling the areas most in need first.

With the age of the property, there are always repairs and improvements that we need to make.  With the help of our facilities manager, we are continually moving forward in this ongoing battle.

Thank you for your continued financial support of our parish.  We could not continue to make these improvements and repairs without your generous contributions.

Peace of Christ,
Fr. Kevin