If you, or someone you know has been away from the Church, invite them home this Lenten season.

Lent is a time to grow in holiness and prepare ourselves to enter into the Paschal Mystery (the suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus). Easter is not that far away, and as a parish we want to spend Lent renewing our faith in Christ and His Church. We are all in this together, and we are praying for you!

Here are some ideas to have a meaningful and grace-filled Lent.

1) Pray More
– Go to Mass every Sunday, and really enter into the Mass. (If quarantining watch Mass online at www.stlukelakewood.org)
– Go to more than one Mass a week. Daily Masses are celebrated and a great way to start of end your day.
– Say grace at every meal.
– Offer up additional daily prayers.

2) Fast
– Follow the Church’s practice of fasting from meat on Fridays.
– Find something to give up or add to your routine as a small sacrifice to help grow in holiness.
– Find other things to fast from, tv, internet, media?

3) Give Alms
– Be generous in sharing your gifts with others this Lenten season.
– Be bold but not reckless. What can give to others in need?

4) Invite Others to Church
– Lent is a perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and invite family, friends, and neighbors to Church.
– Share the Catholics Come Home videos below.