Work is moving along on the top portions of the twelve tall stained-glass windows.   They are almost ready to be reinstalled.  Minor repairs will be done on each window as the top portions are put back in place.  Once the sections are reinstalled, the plexiglass on the exterior will be removed and replaced with glass framed with aluminum.
I am sure you have noticed that the rose window has been completely removed.  We ran into some issues when it was being taken out.  Pieces of the exterior stone pedals fell off.  Originally, we hired a company to make repairs.  Once work began, it became very apparent that the stone was beyond repair.  The stone will now need to be completely replaced with new cut stone.  We were not anticipating this, and the cost is going to be significant.  The cost to replace the stone is just over $68,000.
We are going to make the work on the stone pedals are Giving Tuesday project for this year.  Hopefully, we can raise a significant portion of the cost.  More details will follow as we approach Giving Tuesday.
The centerpiece of the front of our church really is the rose window and stonework around the window.  The first thing your eyes go to is the window and it ties in with all of the other stonework on the front of the church.  I am attaching a picture of the front of the church and a few pictures of the stonework that needed to be removed.
Peace of Christ,
Fr. Kevin